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This webpage is for students in the Adult Beginning Biblical Hebrew class taught by Linda Reivitz, and for adult students who choose to study for b'nai mitzvah in 2021. You may refer to this page to review past and listen to new recordings and information on where to find instruction materials. If you are having trouble accessing the recordings you can email Kathleen, Lifelong Learning Coordinator, at

Please do not share this webpage with anyone else. It is intended only for the students currently enrolled in the Adult Beginner Biblical Hebrew class. 

Practice Readings

Hebrew Primer Pages
(pages 25, 31, 48-49, 59, 145-146, 161-164, 190-193)

Mishkan T'filah Pages
(Avot p 346, G'vurot p 348, V'ahavta p 268, Chatzi Kaddish p 263, Aleinu p 586, Mourner's Kaddish p 598, T'filah p 344, Bar'chu p 452, Yotzeir p 454, Kiddish p 123, MiChamocha p 158, Hashkiveinu p 160)

Mishkan T'filah Pages 2                                                                              
(Shabbat Blessings p 120, Ahavat Olam p150, V'Shamru p 162, Tallit Blessing p 190, Mah Tovu p 192, Mizmor Shir p 214,
Rtzei p 254, Sh'ma p 366)

Mishkan T'filah Pages 3 (Torah Service)
(Ein Kamocha p 362, Baruch Shenatan p 366, Sh'ma p 366, Hakafah p 367, Torah Blessings p 368, Haftarah Blessings p 372)


February 27, 2024 18 Adar I 5784