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Solar Panel Update: March 2024

04/03/2024 08:32:18 AM


March 2024 was the best month by far, to date, for our solar panels. In 31 days, the 191 panels generated 9,200 kilowatt-hours (kWHr), saving $1,380 in energy expenses this month, calculated at $.15/kWHr.

On our single best day so far, March 28, 2024, our solar panels generated 531.42 kWHr for about $80 in savings. We hit our designed maximum production of 75 kW during midday. This one day exceeded production from the whole month of January, which was cloudy or snow covered, totaling only 446 kWHr.

In total, since going live on September 22, 2023, our solar panels generated 31,977 kWHr, just under $4,800, in the six months of the year with the shortest days. That’s already 12.6% of our annual electrical usage and 40% of our annual solar projection. In that time, we saved the equivalent of 105,500 electric vehicle car miles or 27,000 pounds of CO2. 

For comparison, our original 12-month solar production goal was 31.5% of our electricity, for savings of $12,000 (out of $38,000) or 80,000 kWHr (out of 254,000 kWHr). Our solar panels are well on track to meet this goal!

April 16, 2024 8 Nisan 5784