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Your Legacy, Our Future

Lifetime and Legacy Giving

Our commitment to promoting the values of Reform Judaism is strong and deep. A gift to Temple Beth El through the Dorot Society will be a permanent connection between your family and the ideals we uphold. Our path to the future will be strengthened by your generosity.

What is the Dorot Society?

Dorot means generations. With the goal of sustaining Temple Beth El for future generations, the Dorot Society is the overarching designation which allows you to achieve your charitable goals at Temple Beth El. Through the Dorot Society we accept charitable contributions for three important purposes:

  • Yerusha Fund (endowment -giving in the most permanent way)
  • Building Fund (providing the needed funds for sustaining and maintaining our building)
  • Emergent Needs (providing unrestricted funds for where they are needed most)

Who joins the Dorot Society?

The Dorot Society is a group of dedicated and committed individuals who want to guarantee that TBE continues to provide its programs and services for many years to come. They have planted the seed for future generations, doing their part to ensure that Temple Beth El remains relevant and vibrant and that programs which ensure the continuity of Reform Judaism in Madison exists now and in the future.

There are two designations of membership in the Dorot Society:

N’vi’im (Prophets Guild): For those who can clearly see the needs of our congregation as they arise.  
Join by contributing a minimum of $5000 annually in addition to you membership contribution.

Bonim (Builders Guild): For those who want to build a strong foundation for the future.
Join by declaring your intention of providing for TBE in your estate plans.

Why do we need the Dorot Society?

  • To sustain Temple Beth El well into the future - NOW is the time to join the Dorot Society. These are challenging times, and we need to ensure that we can make a real difference where it matters, for Temple Beth El today and for generations to come.
  • To provide an annual stream of income to offset the expenses for the ever-evolving needs of the congregation
  • To ensure the continuation and vitality of our temple and to keep well known programs such as our renowned educational program, congregational retreat, weekly Torah study, and social justice initiatives thriving.
  • To meet emerging needs at Temple Beth El
  • To make a difference in the lives of others for many years to come
  • To keep our building and infrastructure sound, and to enhance our sanctuary and program areas.
  • To prepare for the years after 2021, when the Goodman Foundation annual allocation to TBE will cease.

Make a gift that lasts—it’s easier than you think!

Depending on your goals, circumstances, and the gift type you choose, with a carefully planned gift you could get some or all these benefits: a current income tax deduction, increased cash flow from your investments, and decreased taxes at your death.

Whether your interest lies in current initiatives, youth scholarships for camp or leadership programming, or a future renovation project, you can have confidence that Temple Beth El will be a responsible steward of your philanthropy.

Benefits of membership

As a member of the Dorot Society, you will receive a certificate of membership recognizing your support of Temple Beth El. Your vision and thoughtfulness will also be recognized in the Temple Beth El Bulletin and High Holy Day booklet, and at a special annual event exclusively for Dorot Society members. Most important, you will receive the peace of mind from knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled.


To join, contact Terrie Goren, executive director at 608-238-3123 or

January 20, 2019 14 Sh'vat 5779