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Support our vulnerable immigrant neighbors

08/02/2018 03:49:59 PM


Urgency of Now

Leviticus 16:19 teaches: “Do not stand idly by while your neighbor bleeds.” This principle, along with the memory of the Holocaust, impels the Jewish community to stand alongside our vulnerable immigrant brothers and sisters in solidarity, and to hold our elected officials accountable to create humane and compassionate immigration policies.

In this Jewish spirit and as a Supporting Congregation of the Dane Sanctuary Coalition, we have been asked by Voces de la Frontera to sign two important petitions. One petition urges the ICE regional director to end ICE’s threats to detain a Wisconsin undocumented immigrant and separate her from her children, despite the fact that she is a domestic violence survivor and has an open application for a U Visa, which is intended to protect victims of crime from deportation. The other petition asks us to urge the same ICE director to use his power to free an undocumented immigrant who has lived in Wisconsin since 2001, when he was 13. He was detained during a check-in with ICE in Milwaukee in June and separated from his children, which has traumatized his family. He was detained after being stopped for driving without a license, although undocumented immigrants are not permitted to obtain driver’s licenses in Wisconsin.

Please click here and here to sign the petitions to support our vulnerable immigrant neighbors.

July 25, 2021 16 Av 5781