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“Ben-Gurion, Epilogue”: History

06/14/2022 08:27:53 AM


by Joanna Berke, co-chair, Kesher Israel Committee

The Kesher Israel Committee of Temple Beth El attempts to bring Israel to our community through speakers, discussions, and films. This year we are focusing on the good Israel has to offer. The upcoming viewing and discussion of “Ben-Gurion, Epilogue” is a highlight of our efforts. Its importance to our community and the diaspora at large is clear. 

Movie reels of Ben-Gurion, spliced with the recently discovered soundtrack and archival material, bring us Ben-Gurion, vibrant and alive, as he shares his life and the legacy he bequeathed to us as the first prime minister and founder of Israel. Ben-Gurion’s words, thoughts, and feelings have meaning for us all.

Here, we share with you some of Ben-Gurion’s history. David Ben-Gurion was born David Gruen on October 16, 1886, in Płońsk, Poland.

In 1906, Ben-Gurion emigrated to Israel, which was then Palestine, where he worked as a farm laborer.

In 1910 he began writing for a Zionist journal. At that point he changed his name to Ben-Gurion. His life was greatly influenced by the temporary takeover of the region by the Ottoman Empire, and by the ever present Palestinian Arabs.

In 1919 Ben-Gurion participated in the establishment of the Achdut Ha’avoda party, and between 1921 and 1935 he served as the secretary general of the Histadrut, the national federation of Jewish laborers in Israel. 

In 1930 he participated in the establishment of the Mapai party and was its representative in the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency. 

From 1935 to 1948 he served as chairman of the Jewish Agency, and in 1946 he assumed responsibility for matters relating to the security of the Jewish community in Israel.

At the onset of the 1948 War of Independence, as the leader and a founding member of the Zionist movement, Ben-Gurion formally proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel and offered to the world Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

As George Washington is referred to as the father of the United States, Ben-Gurion is remembered as the father of the nation of Israel.

In “Ben-Gurion: Epilogue,” Prime Minister Ben-Gurion emerges from the screen alive and vibrant as he walks and talks with us, sharing his thoughts, his feelings, his disappointments and joys. Join him on a brisk walk through desert sands. 

“Ben-Gurion: Epilogue” will be shown via Zoom on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, beginning at 6:30 pm, followed by a discussion about this amazing man, the founder of the State of Israel. Register here. 

June 6, 2023 17 Sivan 5783