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Voting Rights and Voter Suppression Presentations Inspire Action

10/12/2020 05:18:29 PM


TBE members recently helped organize two presentations on voting rights, with a strong focus on voter suppression tactics and what we can do about them. Members left the presentations inspired to work to make sure everyone can vote this fall. 

At the Social Action Shabbat on August 28, our speaker was Ryeshia Farmer, coordinator of the "Rights for All" campaign of the ACLU of Wisconsin. Ms. Farmer presented information about registration, voter identification, early voting, and absentee ballots. She concluded by offering concrete actions we can take to protect and expand the right to vote for every American. 

On September 13, Matt Rothschild of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign discussed the history and current practice of voter suppression in America and in Wisconsin. He made it clear that voter suppression is not a thing of the past; it is still very much at play in the present election. He presented a list of readings and resources to help combat voter suppression and support a healthy democracy. This program was sponsored by the Wisconsin Interfaith Voter Engagement Campaign and by Jewish Congregations for Social Justice, a collaborative effort of the social action committees of Temple Beth El, Beth Israel Center, and Congregation Shaarei Shamayim. 

If you're interested in learning more, we recommend that you watch the short 38-minute documentary “Suppressed: The Fight to Vote.” This online video is both engaging and enraging!

January 28, 2021 15 Sh'vat 5781