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Donate In Celebration of…Anything

Michael Schachter

I’ve been a TBE member for 30 years. I pay my dues. I seek counsel from our Rabbi. I buy hamantaschen at TBE’s Purim Fest. (Although, I have to admit, I don’t understand the fuss about poppy seeds.) And…I attend services.

When I read the TBE Newsletter. I note the donations. I know that it is our responsibility to help support our Temple. But my donation activity is not as “busy” as my co-congregants.

We are often reminded of the connection between donations and death or memory of a loved one. We are also advised that acknowledging loved ones, who have passed away, with a donation “Helps to heal”.  “Honors a loved one”. “Strengthens the spiritual ties between ‘us and them’.” But that is not true for me and my family. The connection I have with my mother and father is a private component of my life. I address it my own way. It doesn’t stimulate a donation.

However, I am very fortunate. There are many, many wonderful things that happen to me and my family. Things that are really and truly, cause for Celebration.

Here are five such examples:

  • My grandson lost his first tooth!
  • The girl that bullied my granddaughter in school moved to Wauwatosa!
  • The “Check Engine” light on my dashboard finally went off after six years!
  • My oldest daughter is making a difference in the lives of people who live in South Philadelphia!  
  • That thing that the doctor thought was “something”, turned out to be nothing!

Every time one of those things happen, I immediately Celebrate. I hum a lively tune.  Buy chocolate/chocolate chip Häagen-Dazs. Play “Pancho and Lefty” on my guitar.

But make a donation to TBE? I cannot do that because there has been no appropriate “Of” category.  

UNTIL NOW!!!  Our TBE is offering a brand new category.


Every month all TBE members receive an e-mail. The Giving Spotlight.  This is a monthly notice of those who have made a recent TBE donation and it advises the “Reason” for that donation.  And lucky for us…this new IN CELEBRATION OF category is now available to all of us!

So this month I will do it.  One tooth…$18.00.  The bully…$36.00.  Check Engine Light on dashboard finally goes out…I’m not sure about that.  Maybe it has to be “check engine light and seatbelt never getting stuck in the door”. Two car things.  And if anything really, really great happens, (like HGTV goes off the air)…maybe $72.00.

As I note above, this new donation category became available to all of us in December. I don’t think it received any formal publicity. But…now you know!

I must tell you that one of our TBE sisters did use that Celebration option.  She was the first one! She celebrated: “Taking the kids to Michael’s Frozen for turtle sundaes after TBE Sunday School.”

I thought that was good!  

May 26, 2020 3 Sivan 5780