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Passover Merchandise Order Form

Temple Beth El published "The TBE Haggadah Project" in 2020. It includes artwork from a number of local artists. A few select pieces are available as prints and assorted merchandise for purchase below.

Note: The rights to the images are retained by the artists. Please do not reproduce without permission.

   How many Haggadot would you like to order? - $22.00 - 23 of 50 Left

"The Time of Singing Has Come"

Artist: Leslie Coff

"Every Spring the world comes to life again. Our souls move with the knowledge that as the world is renewed we too can begin to hope. The time of singing has indeed arrived."


Napkins - Paper
Package of 25 napkins
6.5" x 6.5"
   How many packages of "The Time of Singing Has Come" napkins would you like to order? - $18.00 - 8 Open

"The Ten Plagues"

Artists: Jacob and Suzanne Swift

Suzanne was inspired by the potential to collaborate with her son Jacob, who is a passionate photographer. Jacob would provide a photo for each piece, which Suzanne would then integrate into a painting to portray each plague. Suzanne and Jacob began by exploring historical plague imagery. They reviewed Jacob’s existing body of work for possibilities and then filled in with staged images.  There were a few moments of hilarity, including putting together a still life with flies, arranging cows in the snow on a frigid day, and experimenting with the symbolism needed to represent the death of a firstborn. Both decided they wanted the images to be modern  and nontraditional—a departure from most works representing the ten plagues. With one exception, all images were taken locally.


Napkins - Paper
Package of 25 napkins
6.5" x 6.5"
   How many napkin packages of "The Ten Plagues" would you like to order? - $18.00 - 4 Open

"The Four Types of Children"

Artist: Leslie Coff

“The four children represent all types of people. They differ in the color of their skin, how they identify in their gender,  their sexuality … how they present themselves to the world as well as how they understand Judaism—how they understand Pesach— and mostly, how they interpret Freedom. We are, all of us, each of these children in different times in our lives.  In fact, sometimes, we are each of them, all at the same time, inside ourselves.” 

11" x 14" Print on Paper

   How many prints of "The Four Types of Children" would you like to order? - $80.00 - Open


Artist: Rachel Herbsman

“Here’s a show of hands. Hands are symbolic shorthand for freedom. Shackled, they represent the loss of all forms of  servitude, bondage, and disenfranchisement. But when unfettered they wield the creative instruments of freedom:  they write, paint, sculpt, and build. These particular hands are rising to meet their fate, as yet unknown.” 

11" x 14" Print on Paper

   How many prints of "Slavery" would you like to order? - $80.00 - Open

"They Came in Multitudes"

Artist: Pamela Phillips Olson

“When I was a little girl, my daddy bought me a giant Golden Book ‘Jewish Bible.’ I turned the pages, poring over them until  they fell out. I told myself the stories that had been read aloud, staring at Moses, Miriam, Abraham and Isaac, and Noah …  and counting the animals as they walked up the gangplank into the ark. They were a mixed multitude,  like Moses’s followers leaving Egypt for the promised land. I wanted to create a crew of characters for children to peer at,  and pretend they joined the Exodus! All were welcome. That is the very best of human sentiments.”

11" x 14" Print on Paper

   How many prints of "They Came in Multitudes" would you like to order? - $80.00 - 2 Open

"Seder Plate" 

Artist: Eve Siegel

“A seder plate without its essential objects is like a book cover with no story. These items remind us of  Pharaoh’s cruelty and oppression, our liberation and obligation to tell the story. I included the primary symbols:  the Paschal lamb, parsley and eggs for renewal, charoset as mortar, bitter herbs for the pain of hard labor.  Our sorrow as salty tears and an orange with rainbow stars representing the inclusion of women and marginalized persons.  The cartouche honors Moses, without whom our Exodus might never have been.”

Porcelain Plate 10.5"
Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and food safe

   How many "Seder Plate" dishes would you like to order? - $50.00 - 3 Open

"Miriam's Cup"

Artist: Lucy Marshall

“Miriam is the mother of water. She stands on the riverbank to watch over Moshe. She sings at the sea when leaving Egypt.  She brings a well to Israelites in the desert. Water is our life source, connecting us to all living beings. From water, we can learn how to get free—to come together, flow gently, or crash powerfully; to adapt, unite, and shape the space around us. Miriam lived this practice and made it holy. On Pesach, we honor her. Together, we can drown injustice, care for each other, and quench our thirst for liberation. Artwork features quotes by adrienne maree brown, Aisha Shillingford, and Numbers 21.”


Napkins - Paper
Package of 25 napkins
6.5" x 6.5"
   How many napkin packages of "Miriam's Cup" would you like to order? - $18.00 - 10 Open

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