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Support Temple Beth El: It Takes a Community

We hope you enjoyed reading the stories from three Temple members in your membership renewal packet, each one highlighting a special connection to TBE: the TBE Religious School experience, a multigenerational commitment, and membership as a sense of belonging. Throughout our 80th year, we will continue to share stories about “What TBE means to me.” These testimonials will emphasize many aspects of Temple, reflecting how we each engage with TBE in different ways.

As always, TBE staff and leadership are dedicated to providing programs and initiatives to engage you spiritually, educationally, and culturally. Your financial support benefits the entire Temple Beth El community, rather than mirroring your particular usage. General financial support ensures that each aspect of TBE is available to everyone.

Our vision statement notes that Temple seeks “to create and sustain a vibrant, inclusive, and engaged community that welcomes and connects people from all walks of Reform Jewish life, and fulfills their spiritual, educational, ethical, social, and emotional needs and expectations.” Similarly, the author of a recent article pointed out the strong Jewish sense of peoplehood. This is why we call ourselves “Am Yisrael” (the people of Israel) instead of “Dat Yisrael” (the religion of Israel). In both examples, communal Jewish life is a defining principle of Reform Judaism, central to who we are at TBE.

Thank you for the support you give to Temple. And thank you for recognizing that your generosity helps every member find a unique and meaningful answer to “What TBE means to me.”

April 8, 2020 14 Nisan 5780