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Talking Turkey: Students Begin Thanksgiving Food Collection

This fall, at least 3,500 low-income families in Dane County will be depending on the Goodman Community Center for their Thanksgiving meal. This total of 3,500 families means that 21,000 residents, including 10,000 children, need help to make sure they are included in this enduring family tradition. As you can imagine, 3,500 families need a lot of groceries! Our Thanksgiving Food Collection is just one of many across the city to help fill this need. For many years, our Religious School families (and others) have helped out by donating items during October and November.

Things got really interesting a few years ago when we started a contest between the grades for who could bring in the most food, and now it’s a race to the wire every year! You can bring just one item, several items, or best of all, a whole flat of cans or boxes to the collection bins in the coatroom.

Here’s what we are collecting:

  • Boxes of macaroni and cheese (4K & kindergarten)
  • Boxes of stuffing (1st grade)
  • Aluminum roaster pans (2nd grade)
  • Cans of fruit (3rd grade)
  • Cans of vegetables (4th grade)
  • Broth, any kind (5th grade)
  • Cans of cranberry sauce (6th grade)
  • Gravy (7th grade)

The collection deadline is 10:00 am on Sunday, November 24. Items will be counted that morning and then delivered to the Goodman Community Center’s Fritz Food Pantry. To find out which grade donated the most, join the Religious School Song Circle on December 8, where our Mitzvah Core students will announce the winning grade.

Because the real winners are the families who get to enjoy a holiday meal with their loved ones, we welcome donations from anyone (not just our Religious School families). Consider bringing the requested items during regular business hours or when you come for Shabbat services, Swarsensky Weekend, Midrasha, or any other reason.

If you’d like to donate your time, please see for how you can help with sorting the food and filling the baskets shortly before the holiday.

August 13, 2020 23 Av 5780