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Why I Give

05/09/2022 10:08:55 AM


Temple Beth El members recognize the value of donating to TBE. There are many opportunities to give, and many reasons to do so, but all reflect the desire to see our community flourish. These testimonials demonstrate a sampling of what motivates us to give. 

Why I give to TBE for special projects
I’ve enjoyed giving Temple Beth El money for projects like ShulCloud and the greatly improved building/security systems. These special projects are “under the radar” and make a difference for all of us. 
—Jeff Levy

Why I give to Greatest Need throughout the year
We like the idea of giving where the need is, and we know that the needs may change over time.

Why I chose to honor a family member with a simcha plaque
I thought it would be a nice, lasting way to honor my wife, Marta’s, stewardship of many Temple activities visibly within the Temple space.
—Glenn Karlov

Why we increased our membership contribution this year
We are continually impressed by and appreciative of Temple Beth El’s (and the rabbi’s) ability to build and support our community, as well as to engage with important social issues in our community and in the world. We increased our membership contribution to further support this important role of the Temple and its clergy, and hope others will do the same.

Why we purchase yahrzeit plaques for our loved ones
We purchased yahrzeit plaques to commemorate the lives of our loved ones, to see their names when we visit Temple, and to support the yahrzeit remembrance reminder practiced at Temple Beth El.
—Amy and Marty Fields

We are grateful for the impact that every gift has on our congregation. Please talk to Executive Director Stefanie Kushner for help in choosing the best way to give.

May 20, 2022 19 Iyar 5782