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Your Guide to Social Distance Voting

Social Action Committee

Request your absentee ballot today! Stay updated on early voting, curbside voting, polling places, and deadlines. Also, be sure to return your census forms.

As citizens and as members of the Jewish community, we participate in elections to ensure that government policies support a world where all people experience justice, compassion, and wholeness. We are reminded of this during public health emergencies, when the importance of community is foremost in our minds.

Absentee ballots: Because of the COVID-19 virus, the Wisconsin Elections Commission is urging voters to use absentee ballots for the election currently scheduled for April 7. If you are a registered voter, you can request an absentee ballot at, the state’s comprehensive voting website.

Request an absentee ballot

If you live in the City of Madison, you can also email the clerk at to request that a ballot be sent to you by email.

The deadline for requests is currently April 2, but demand is heavy, so request your ballot now to avoid delay. You will be asked to upload a copy of your photo ID if you don’t have one on file.

You can mail your ballot back to the municipal clerk or drop it off at your polling station on election day. Your ballot must be received by 8:00 pm on election day.

Registering to vote, early voting, and curbside voting: If you aren’t registered to vote, it’s not too late. The options for registration and early voting are changing frequently based on public health conditions, so please check the websites below for up-to-date information. You can also register at the polls on election day.

Voting on election day: Again, things are changing day to day. Many poll locations have changed due to building closures, so check state and municipal websites for the latest information. Even the date of the election could possibly change. The sources below offer current information, other ways to request an absentee ballot, and more details.

State of Wisconsin MyVote website

List of Municipal Clerks

City of Madison Clerk voter information

League of Women Voters of Dane County

Also, census forms are due: While we are talking about civic participation, we would like to remind you to return your census forms. See here for a good explanation of how full participation in the census supports our Jewish values.

Vote safely, and please vote!

April 9, 2020 15 Nisan 5780